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Hello Folks,


Welcome to New Haven Missionary Baptist.  What a wonderful blessing it is to come to you this way, by way of a great web site.  God has blessed us with friends all over and it's impossible to be together all the time with many miles that separate us, but by means of internet service, we are just a click away.  I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical at first, but it's because I really didn't know much about the internet.  I still don't know much, but I believe, used properly, this is one of the greatest missionary tools ever used.


Our church is an old fashioned, spirit filled body of believers that are willing to go a little further giving opportunity to share Jesus with friends, family and folks clear around the world.  Special thanks to our spiritual church leaders that are working so hard to maintain the integrity of the Old Rugged Cross, which produces the church of the living God.


Once again, welcome and enjoy the singing, preaching, the pictures and fellowship of the New Haven Missionary Baptist Church.  We are thankful for your internet attendance and hope that we are a blessing to you.


With Love,

Pastor Mike Raines!



New Haven Missionary Baptist Church first started in a one-room store front building on Washington Avenue in Norwood, Ohio.  The date was January 1954 and at the begininning it was just called a "Mission".  On August 1954, the mission became New Haven Missionary Baptist Church.  Betty Callahan Taylor gave New Haven it's name.


New Haven got an arm from Smyrna Baptist Church in New Trenton, Indiana.  Jack Frost was the pastor of Smyrna and he preached the charge to the church.  The church needed more room so they moved to Worth Avenue into a two-room store front building.  The church didn't do well in that location so they moved back to Washington Avenue: two doors from the first location.


From there New Haven moved to Hopkins and Carter Avenues, then to 5015 Reading Road.  On Easter Sunday 1974, New Haven moved to 2417 Indian Mound Avenue.  Over the 50 years, we have had 9 Pastors.  Earl Burns was New Haven's first pastor.  Herman Burns was the Choir director.  Atheana Neal taught the small children.  Some of the early singers and musicians were Claudine Stewart, Georgia Neal, Pat Neal, Bert Neal, Julie Roberts, Wanda Jones, Janet Smith Roberts and Grace King.

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