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Prayer is our way to communicate with God.   Our opportunity to take our cares and concerns to our Heavenly Father.


At New Haven, we believe in the power of prayer and know that amazing things happen when as few as 2 or 3 come together seeking God's help.  We rely on our prayer warriors, as they approach the Throne of God on behalf of our lost, our sick, our Pastor and the needs of our church.





We have an active youth group that meets each Wednesday evening.  Our mission is to reach out into the community and to the friends and families of our kids to teach them about Jesus Christ!  Staying active keeps us close, and a close youth group grows into a stronger church.

Sunday School


Our Sunday School program at New Haven Missionary Baptist Church offers a class for all age groups.  From newborn to our adult class, we have dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who come prepared each week with a lesson to help those who are eager to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We start at 10am each Sunday morning and would be honored to have you come join us as we seek to grow in the love and mercy of our Heavenly Father



We are an active Missionary Church.  We have reached out through missions to the phillipines, Africa, Hatii as well as the United States.  The Great Commission instructs us to go teach all nations.  Through the support and prayers of our church and the help of our missionaries, we are doing our best to spread the Gospel Message and tell the world of Christ and his Love.

Sisters in Christ


We are so proud to have our Sisters in Christ Ladies Group that is an active part of a beautiful congregation of dedicated, spiritual prayer warriors that love the Lord and work together for the uplifting of the church and it's members!  All Sisters in the church, young and old, are invited to join us at our monthly meetings, events and fundraisers to help glorify the meaning of a Godly Christian Woman and to help us be able to accomplish great things this year!

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